List of Escape Rooms in Greater Boston Area (Updated 11/26/2017)

Escape Rooms                                  City                           Games
Escape the Room Boston            Boston          The Apartment, The Dig, The Clock Tower
Trapology Boston                         Boston          The Drunk Tank, The Hustler, The Retreat
Room Escapers                             Boston          The Pirate’s Booty
8D Room Escape                         Malden         The Secret Chamber, Mission:Z, The Half Treasure Map
Boda Borg                                      Malden         18 challenging quests
Puzzle Break                                  Newton         Escape from 20,000 Leagues, The Grimm Escape
Room Escape Adventures          Somerville    Trapped In A Room With A Zombie
Breakout Games                           Woburn        Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino, Hostage
North Shore Escape                     Woburn        Mystery at the Art Gallery
Wicked Escapes                            Saugus          Cell Block 4, Great Museum Heist Caper Job, The Hole
Amaze Escape                               Arlington      Escape from Death Row
5 Wits                                              Foxboro       20,000 Leagues, Espionage
Total Confinement                       Randolph     Kidnapped, Catch Me If You Can
8D Room Escape and Board Games